Opportunities To Serve

Acolytes Wanted Now that we have changed the way we bring in the light of Christ, we are in need of acolytes

Member Changes

If you have any updates to your membership status, name, address, phone number, or email, please notify the church office via

Prayers & Praise

Our Prayers & Praise invites you to actively support our Portage Faith community with prayer. For Healing and Treatment Denise Gharky

Thank You

A Special Thank you note: “Dear Rev. Bill Graham and congregation, thank you for welcoming us unexpected visitors to join your

Altar Flowers

Altar flowers are a beautiful enhancement to our worship services and may be provided in honor or memory of a special

Liturgist Schedule

May 5  Ted Taylor 12 Steve Weinkamer 19 Matt Ruchalski 26 Kevin Pearce June 2 Jeff Barnett 9 Terri Wilde 16

Happy Anniversary!

May Anniversaries 6 James & Bonnie Marek married 24 years. 7 Kevin & Cindy Pearce married 36 years. 18 Eric &

Happy Birthday!

Happy May Birthdays 1 Bud Bednar 2 Tim McDermott 2 Jenny Ollison 2 Rhonda Grudowski 2 Warren Ragle 4 Neil McDermott

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