Prayer for Peace in the Middle East and Around Our World

The terror, war, inhuman oppression, and darkness that began on October 7, 2023, in what should be the most holy land, breaks our hearts and makes us anxious. We hope and pray that peace will reign in the land of Jesus Christ’s ministry. We hope and pray that we can stop war, stop killing, stop political strife, and become a land of reconciliation where all receive the gift of peace for the sake of the whole world. The homeland that Israel envisions must be a land of peace. The dream of the Palestinians, the people who have protected the land for a long time, is also peace. Let us pray with all our hearts that war will cease from the land and that that the good news of peace will bless everyone. God of Wisdom and Peace, we pray for protection for the innocent, for the vulnerable, for those who are captive or terrorized. We pray for the safety of those serving in the military, and government leaders.

O God, may you be their shield, their rear guard, and the safe room around them. We pray for those who grieve the loss of family members, and for those who don’t know where their loved ones are or their condition. We pray for the injured. We pray for relief workers, first responders, and medical staff in this overwhelming time of need. We pray for churches and mosques and synagogues and all religious leaders working for peace. We pray for those who perpetuate cycles of violence and for world leaders. Bring them to the table of earnest negotiations, soften their hearts, and give them a path forward. May Your Peace reign. Amen.