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Wow! As a congregation we’ve shared some special moments together in the last couple of months! Energizing moments, moments that we can’t stop thinking about, moments that left an impression on us. In our Lenten prayer group, we trusted each other enough to share how we see God moving in deep within our life stories and we were vulnerable enough to share how we see the need to grow in our spiritual lives with the prayers and support of others.

We experienced powerful worship. Who could forget the dramatic way the intensity and color of the light changed in our sanctuary as we extinguished candles and contemplated Jesus’s last hours. It began with Palm Sunday “Hosannahs” and ended with

an earthquake of joy on Easter morning. It was truly a holy week filled with communion and connection as we relived the heart of God’s story of deliverance.

And then there was the tailgate party we shared in our church parking lot for the total solar eclipse. We watched and waited in anticipation. When the moments of “totality” came they exceeded our expectations. The brief “diamond rings,” the feel and sounds of the sudden starlit darkness, the sunrise racing over us from the south. Together we have been sharing spirit-filled moments.

No doubt about it, God’s Spirit is at work among us! It’s tempting to just want to freeze these holy moments in time, take a snapshot, and post it for the world to see and tell ourselves “that’s enough.”

But God’s spirit wants to lead us forward as a congregation. A sweet, sweet, Spirit is prompting us. We have new energy. Once we are aware of the Spirit’s presence, we need to do something about it. In the days and months ahead, our job is to discern where the Spirit is leading us. How will we respond? Where will we allow the spirit to lead us? Are we willing to follow?

Stay tuned. It probably won’t be business as usual.

Pastor Bill